• Halifax

    Pizza Fire

    by  • 4/23/2008 • Halifax • 0 Comments

    I opted to go outside with the dog to get out of the big plume of smoke. Well that, and to see if I couldn’t get a couple decent pictures. I’d have pushed my luck a bit more if I didn’t have the dog on a leash; there were some nice shots that will only […]

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    Where there’s smoke

    by  • 4/23/2008 • Halifax • 1 Comment

    I’m just getting ready for bed about 15 minutes ago, and thought “Hmm… I smell smoke…” It’s not unusual on this side of the country for people to burn wood to heat their homes; it’s that or fuel oil in most cases, as natural gas is seen as unnatural or something. I’m about to dismiss […]

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    Crazy Locals

    by  • 2/7/2008 • Halifax • 1 Comment

    I posted a handful of DVDs on the local version of Kijiji to see if I could move some of them before going to a solution that would involve ebay, paypal and shipping surcharges. I listed about a dozen DVDs priced between $10 and $20 and this is one of the few responses I received. […]

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    Custody Awarded to Me

    by  • 1/25/2008 • Halifax • 1 Comment

    Fourteen months filled with lies, inaction, denials, threats, and all sorts of other fun, and finally the time is here. We have been awarded custody of all those material possessions that we have learned to live without during this past year. Espresso machine, ice cream maker, couch, photos, artwork (by us, by friends living and […]

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    Delusional in Dartmouth

    by  • 12/8/2007 • Halifax, insanity • 0 Comments

    Some of the comments from the Halifax News site regarding the story that I posted yesterday about legislated holiday closures in Halifax. Nova Scotia has hardly joined the 20th century in legislating when businesses can legally open to sell to consumers. The rest of the country is only joining us right now to laugh at […]

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    Awaiting A Creation Museum Next

    by  • 12/7/2007 • Halifax • 0 Comments

    It’s a little more than a year now that there has been Sunday Shopping in the province of Nova Scotia. That’s right, there’s a place in North America that you weren’t able to walk into a store and buy all your groceries. You couldn’t walk into an automotive store and buy  a new tire, or […]

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    Noodles and Rices and Dried Things… oh my!

    by  • 11/8/2007 • Halifax • 0 Comments

    I walked into this little Asian market on South Street (at Henry?) on the way back from Dalhousie. Anik had mentioned that there was such a thing around, so I thought I’d take a chance. Walked right in, and the smell… it was like being in Vancouver again; the smell of spices, dried fish, vegetables, […]

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    Long dog on the stairs; go around

    by  • 11/4/2007 • Halifax • 0 Comments

    See those little legs? She took some time to really understand how to go down stairs, and for the first couple months that we had her, we had to take her down the one floor to the street by elevator. Forward 20 months and she’s able to go down the average flight of stairs without […]

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    Kolachy dreams, Miss Moneypenny.

    by  • 10/26/2007 • Halifax, Vancouver • 0 Comments

    Odd collection of dreams… Now I want to find how I can get some frozen Kolachies (Kolachy?) and if I’m going to be shipping frozen food anyway, a couple dozen deluxe steamed buns from New Town Bakery. Kolachy I ran into Kolachy Guy on Spring Garden Road in Halifax. I was walking along listening to […]

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