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    Flock for Flickr Fun

    by  • 7/31/2007 • geek • 1 Comment

    DSCN8935.JPG I’m just toying with the Flock browser that incorporates things like Flickr media streams, social account tools for Flickr, Photobucket, YouTube, blogs of all sorts, del.icio.us, etc. Even has a posting client for WordPress and the like. Trouble is that the posting client on the admin page of my site is pretty decent, so […]

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    Linkage to the strange and curious

    by  • 7/7/2007 • art, geek, insanity • 0 Comments

    Reminds me a bit of the Museum of Jurassic Technology, but in HTML… Steampunk, Ancient Ones, beat generation, religious propaganda, audio plays, drugs, piracy, insanity, and films you should see but likely couldn’t without the Internet. I’ve barely begun to scratch the surface at Greylodge, but the first thing I stumbled on was worth a […]

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    Diluting Homeopathy

    by  • 7/2/2007 • geek, skeptic • 1 Comment

    I know that there are people that read this who likely have a bottle or two of homeopathic remedies in their bathroom medicine cabinet at this moment. I’ve been trying to come up with a good example of just why scientists consider Homeopathy to be Pseudoscience. So, I sat down and did some math to […]

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    I very rarely do this, but…

    by  • 6/24/2007 • geek • 0 Comments

    According to some lame dating web site (mingle2.com/blog-rating), this little piece of internet abuse at foo.ca only warrants a PG rating. This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words: hell (3x) abortion (2x) dead (1x) They must have missed the posts with the really bad words.

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    Retroactive Education

    by  • 6/24/2007 • geek • 1 Comment

    I need to find people with recognizable professional designations that I can use as references on an application that will help me take over the world. They can be people who are legally able to sign a Canadian passport application or people with “recognized professional designations”. I’m not entirely sure what that means, but I […]

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    Are You Unskilled and Unaware of It?

    by  • 6/18/2007 • geek, work • 0 Comments

    Damn interesting… When asked, most individuals will describe themselves as better-than-average in areas such as leadership, social skills, written expression, or just about any flavor of savvy where the individual has an interest. This tendency of the average person to believe he or she is better-than-average is known as the “above-average effect,” and it flies […]

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    Teh Intornetz

    by  • 6/13/2007 • geek • 0 Comments

    Al Gore Magical Thinking Box Internets Mystifying Tubes     Of course there’s a cat picture in there, unfortunately it isn’t captioned “I CAN HAZ OUIJA TOO?” There are T-shirts and mousepads though  

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    Picking and choosing your skepticism

    by  • 6/13/2007 • geek, humor • 1 Comment

    I listen to the Kevin Smith “Smodcast” every so often, but paitence wears thin on some of the topics of discussion. The premise is that Kevin Smith and Scott Moser get together and bullshit about whatever the hell they want; blowjobs, politics, kids, etc. They give their unprofessional, uninformed opinions on whatever the hell they […]

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    September is coming together

    by  • 6/12/2007 • geek, travel • 1 Comment

    I’ve just handed over $70 in order to attend the biggest damned costume party in North America. I have nothing to back up that claim, so don’t ask. I was planning to actually put together a costume involving a bathrobe, boxers and t-shirt, combined with a towel and a teacup, but even that seems like […]

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    The angels have the phone box

    by  • 6/9/2007 • geek • 7 Comments

    “This is my timey-wimey detector; it goes ding when there’s stuff” Brilliant episode of Doctor Who, this latest episode called “Blink”. It’s creepy, and only a little bit camp. Oh yeah, and don’t close your eyes; don’t look away, or you’re dead.

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