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    What’s this place worth?

    by  • 7/25/2008 • geek • 0 Comments

    I received an unsolicited offer today for the foo.ca domain name. I’m surprised I don’t get them more often, being a three letter word that has a real (albeit niche) meaning. Yes it’s a .ca address, but there’s nothing wrong with being Canadian, unless you listen to those bigoted .com types. Just try to find […]

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    Blinded by science

    by  • 6/27/2008 • geek, video • 0 Comments

    You ever see a guy with a yo yo giving some lame talk about personal development or how to walk (the dog) with Jesus? Maybe your school, or your summer camp as a kid had some traveling freak show of people come in to “Yo” for you, or maybe even you saw that Simpsons episode? […]

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    Enough to make me leave Telus?

    by  • 6/11/2008 • geek • 0 Comments

    I’m not really motivated to get an iPhone, but those prices aren’t so b… oh… on a three year plan. I wonder how horrible Rogers is going to be with the data rate. If it’s more than $15 for unlimited data, I’ll stay with my Windows Mobile brick and my separate 80GB iPod. “We’re excited […]

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    Bad Podcaster

    by  • 6/4/2008 • geek • 2 Comments

    I was a bit stumped today, trying to subscribe to a podcast by Bad Science writer Ben Goldacre. See, the only obvious link to his Bad Science Podcast is the one that goes off to the iTunes shop. The iTunes shop has a sign out front that says “No shoes, No software, No service” and […]

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    Dragon Con 2008 Paranoia Post

    by  • 6/2/2008 • geek, science, skeptic • 1 Comment

    Ninety days left until labour day weekend. Will find the budget room yet. There’s simply no way that I’ll be able to attend The Amazing Meeting in the next couple years; Dragon Con is going to be my only chance to meet James Randi. The Skeptics actually have a real track this year, rather than […]

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    Twitter from space

    by  • 5/25/2008 • geek, science • 0 Comments

    I still don’t quite get twitter, but this is amusing… The Phoenix Lander has a twitter feed written in the first person. It would be so much more interesting if the messages were actually being sent from the lander itself, rather than some NASA geek in mission control, but I’ll try to suspend my disbelief […]

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    Letter to Make Magazine Editor

    by  • 5/21/2008 • geek • 0 Comments

    With my MAKE Magazine subscription, I’ve only had to contact customer service for a half dozen problems over three years. Actually, when I think about it, that’s a lot of contact for a magazine subscription, which should be one of those things that you shouldn’t have to contact them; ever. There have been lost issues, […]

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    The goons arrive

    by  • 5/19/2008 • geek • 0 Comments

    Not long ago, the Something Awful goons started showing up here to check out the Chick Tracts. Of course, I’ve stripped most of the advertising from the site while I’m changing over to the new, cleaner looking theme. If I leave the advertising out for a little while longer, maybe slashdot will link here. I […]

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    Cell phone fix-up

    by  • 5/13/2008 • geek • 0 Comments

    I hate my cell phone, but for reasons that are easily fixed. The talk time on my battery has dropped off pretty sharply, and I’m lucky to get 20 minutes of talk. I have a charger at work and a charger at home, and sometimes the standby to get from one to the other AND […]

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