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    Quoting The Bible To Believers

    by  • 12/24/2007 • atheism, religion • 2 Comments

    More fun over at the local paper with comments open on a story about Christmas for Non-Christians. After previous stories featuring comments by people stating that everyone needs to be forced to take the day off and stay at home and celebrate the True Meaning of Christmas (r). What was that about the Devil quoting […]

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    Letter(s) to a Christian Nation

    by  • 12/23/2007 • atheism • 0 Comments

    I was hoping that the following news story at Halifax News would have comments enabled. It’s odd which stories do and don’t have comments enabled. I’d be interested in seeing how people respond to the use of the word “holiday” this close to Baby Jesus’ Special Day. Who was suicide bomber? Police examined clothing, shoes […]

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    Belief in God Causes Suicide?

    by  • 12/16/2007 • atheism • 1 Comment

    The sentiment expressed on the card isn’t mine in any way, but I found it interesting none the less. Especially with arguments against atheism running along the lines of “without a belief in God, what is the POINT of life?” The point of life is in living. Something the above Post Secret submitter would seem […]

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    Straw men have straw-filled heads

    by  • 12/16/2007 • atheism • 5 Comments

    There’s an interesting article in the Houston Chronicle, written by Beverly McPhail. I’m sure that the author will find their inbox filled with emails written all in CAPS, quoting their church’s “Yelling at Atheists Until They Run Away” document in whole or in part. Beverly asks the question of her Texan readers “Suppose we elected […]

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    Scientific Method

    by  • 9/10/2007 • angst, atheism • 0 Comments

    I found most of the following in the middle of some silly argument on Facebook (that I’m not part of). Reformatted ita bit and added the recursion. Scientific Method: Observations -> Hypothesis -> Test -> Data -> Data Analysis -> Conclusion Repeat as needed. Faith Method: No Observations -> Belief Do not question.

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    Where are the moderate atheists?

    by  • 7/31/2007 • atheism • 0 Comments

    Below is an excerpt taken from the transcript  of the April 2007 discussion between atheist Sam Harris and Christian Rick Warren. I thought Sam’s response to why atheism isn’t more popular was particularly amusing. While many on the atheist side will point at the Ted Haggards and the Jim Bakkers and the Pope and other […]

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    What I don’t believe

    by  • 7/21/2007 • atheism • 3 Comments

    The Friendly Atheist asks a couple questions of other atheists. I was going to answer in-line on his post, but I could see that this was going to get long… 1. Why do you not believe in God? After much thought, reading, discussion, and exposure to varied opinions, I came to realize the inherent contradictions […]

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    Scientology is Staffed by Tom Cruise Clones

    by  • 5/16/2007 • atheism, insanity, religion • 1 Comment

    That’s right. Tom Cruise clones from the Risky Business era, with the haircut and the 80s shades and the expressionless eyes. Watched the a recently documentary from the UK’s Panorama; it started out as a documentary to find out more about the allegations of culthood surrounding Scientology’s efforts to setup a UK branch. They had […]

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