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    Richard Dawkins in Toronto

    by  • 9/29/2009 • atheism, science • 0 Comments

    We’ve only recently returned from the Richard Dawkins on the University of Toronto Campus. Had my phone still had battery charge remaining, I would have likely typed all this up while in the restaurant waiting for our meal afterward. Thanks to CFI Ontario for the last minute tickets to the talk; I now have a […]

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    The Quotable Einstein

    by  • 5/21/2008 • atheism, science • 0 Comments

    While Albert Einstein is not a final resource on the non-existence of God, this quote from a letter recently auctioned off should help to set the record straight when Einstein is claimed as a man of religion by Christians in debates. “Das Wort Gott ist für mich nichts als Ausdruck und Produkt menschlicher Schwächen, die […]

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    Saint Norman Updates

    by  • 5/13/2008 • atheism, humor, religion • 0 Comments

    “Mike” at Hyphoid Logic updates on his experiments into prayer. Jehovah: 0 Ghost of Norman Fell: 3.732 According to AAA, the price of gas has hit its sixth consecutive record high. For something to happen once or twice might be coincidence, but for it to happen six times in a row is clearly the result […]

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    CreNu Two

    by  • 5/9/2008 • atheism • 0 Comments

    I posted another response to Creationist Nutbar (CreNu) and he deleted that as well. I asked him to tell me where the alleged book was on that poorly designed site, because there wasn’t any mention of it… Patrick G_____ Today at 12:55am Stop whining! I gave you the website. It took me two seconds to […]

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    Christian Food Fetishists

    by  • 5/6/2008 • atheism, video • 0 Comments

    I was shocked yesterday to learn that there are people on this planet that have not been properly introduced to the real meanings behind everyday produce that you find in your local grocery store. Peanut butter, bananas, kidneys and carrots are among the foods that prove to the vapid that God exists. No need of […]

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    Praise Be To Saint Norman!

    by  • 5/1/2008 • atheism, humor, religion • 0 Comments

    A mycologist / atheist / fan of reason writing under the pseudonym Mike O’Risal at Hyphoid Logic has been conducting a scientific experiment in evaluating the quality and quantity of divine intervention. I’m a relatively empirically-minded individual, so I think an experiment is in order. While Twyman is praying to the Invisible Man in the […]

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