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    Shiny things

    by  • 12/9/2007 • art • 0 Comments

    It might be too late to get this for Christmas, but in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day… “Rose anodized titanium and plain titanium in a modified byzantine chain, with a simple pendant of two rose bali beads and a handcrafted rose colored, etched glass bead with fine silver drizzle.” All monies go to paying […]

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    Some people are never happy

    by  • 11/18/2007 • art, music • 0 Comments

    I’ve written about this ‘experiment’ that these German noisemakers undertook to try making music without a record company’s input. The past subscriber-driven project attracted approximately 2000 people to pay a fee of between €35 and €65 (today’s price in CAD would range between $50 and $93, though the exchange rate wasn’t as favourable when I […]

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    Tastes like puppies

    by  • 9/20/2007 • art, humor, insanity • 0 Comments

    Scott Bateman, voted for the eating of brains again. Scott Bateman, brain eater. When will Scott Bateman learn that puppies and brain eating don’t mix? Puppies good. Brain eating bad. What next? Will he suggest eating the brains of recent immigrants? Don’t listen to Scott Bateman. He knows brain eating, but he doesn’t know puppies. […]

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    Greenest Photo Contest

    by  • 9/6/2007 • art • 0 Comments

    Well, I just happen to have shot a nice, greenISH photo when we were passing through Chicago. DeSmogBlog is having a Flickr-based contest to give away a nice digital camera, so I thought I may as well post SOMETHING greenish. Seeing as how everyone else is posting pictures of plants and such, how is one […]

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    Where Chicagoans Go to Take LSD

    by  • 9/5/2007 • art • 0 Comments

    The underground walkway in O’Hare, with the subtle panels of light along the sides, and the flashing neon, you’re one security clearance away from a great trip. Okay, so there is that whole security clearance issue…

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    Pressed Faeries

    by  • 8/27/2007 • art, geek • 0 Comments

    As if I really need an excuse to go into a camera shop, I came up with an idea for a series of Dragon*Con photos that might be fun. I hold no expectations of the photos being exactly artistic or anything, but they should be fun. Some equipment was required; a circular polarizing filter to […]

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    Even machines can be hopeful sometimes

    by  • 8/25/2007 • art, music • 0 Comments

    I was busily downloading the most recent album that Steven put online for his Hopeful Machines project, and had tired of the slow slow slow browser downloading, and had resorted to wget from the command line to grab the files in the background so that my browser would remain functional. I found myself wishing that […]

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    Binarysoul postcards

    by  • 8/18/2007 • art • 0 Comments

    The promotional standard of the internet would appear to be VistaPrint, which seems to have different prices for things depending on how you hold your tongue while clicking “buy” on their web store. I went from $99.95 regular price for 1000 postcards to something like $39.95 by clicking on a slightly different URL somewhere. A […]

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    Dragon*Con 2007 Films

    by  • 8/10/2007 • art, movies • 0 Comments

    Two of the feature films that I’m considering checking out are Blood Car and The Signal. Nihilism and dystopia. OOOooooo. The other two features lined up Pirates of the Great Salt Lake and Vampira just don’t really interest me, so I won’t likely bother with them. Blood Car In the near future gas prices have […]

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