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    Angry Klaus Multimedia

    by  • 12/4/2007 • angst, humor • 0 Comments

    American Dad has been quite good lately, and Klaus’ rant tonight was exceptional. There’s an MP3 that goes along with this fish; load it to your iPod and play it on the bus as you plan your revenge on that asshole on the bus who just coughed in your face. Use the tiny 100×100 icons […]

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    More Postsecret Ranting

    by  • 11/26/2007 • angst, life • 0 Comments

    It’s better to fail for something you did than to succeed for something someone else did. How do you prepare your child for self-sufficiency when you’re doing all the work? If you really wanted to do this on your own, you would. Are both of these cards from the same person? What’s wrong with her […]

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    Cleaning Day

    by  • 11/26/2007 • angst • 0 Comments

    I logged into that Bloglines account that I’ve become afraid of; it passed the point where I could even mark everything read in a single 24 hour day, and I’ve been pretending that it didn’t exist; like you might do with that large, man-eating plant that you discover one morning out in the back garden. […]

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    Right in his face

    by  • 9/16/2007 • angst, life • 1 Comment

    I laughed right in the face of an old man today. He asked me something that struck me as insane, and I laughed right in his face. This made it a bit uncomfortable for the next half hour that we waited in line to buy movie tickets for “Wiener Takes All”, but if I had […]

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    Scientific Method

    by  • 9/10/2007 • angst, atheism • 0 Comments

    I found most of the following in the middle of some silly argument on Facebook (that I’m not part of). Reformatted ita bit and added the recursion. Scientific Method: Observations -> Hypothesis -> Test -> Data -> Data Analysis -> Conclusion Repeat as needed. Faith Method: No Observations -> Belief Do not question.

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    like running in the special olympics

    by  • 8/19/2007 • angst • 0 Comments

    I hate discussions on the internet about social issues. Someone posts a thinly veiled left wing propaganda piece about a pseudo-anarchic organization in Vancouver; the Anti-Poverty Coalition. This is typically followed by bipolar opinions by everyone. There’s always a representative of each extreme end of the spectrum who speak up quickly and voluminously about how […]

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    A vision gave me instructions

    by  • 7/15/2007 • angst, religion • 0 Comments

    A vision came to me yesterday. Now, some of you “skeptics” may say that this is just a rust stain or that it doesn’t look like the saint that spoke to me at that moment, but you’re all jerks. Go see the picture and feel the warm love of the sock…

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    I’ll never work in this town again!

    by  • 5/3/2007 • angst, Halifax • 0 Comments

    Photo by dariuszka — CC Well, I sent an email to that extras casting firm as I mentioned, and I’ve been assured that I will never work in this town again. They’ve been here for 25 years, and the industry is still young and fragile … I’ve replied to mention this time that I have […]

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