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    Pay attention to us poor girls!

    by  • 11/27/2003 • angst • 0 Comments

    Okay, it’s getting stupid when you can’t even state a preference for one thing over another without being pecked to death by everyone who disagrees or finds your opinion not good enoug for public consumption. See, Steve Gillmour made the mistake of listing a handful of geek ‘blogs’ that he reads religiously. I can only […]

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    It’s the cow-spiracy….

    by  • 10/19/2003 • angst • 0 Comments

    Seeing as A. doesn’t seem to speak to nico or myself of late, I only have select pieces of wisdom from the A-Files to work with. I miss it, as a lot of it’s pure gold. For all I know he’s figured out that the college has a computer lab, he’s figured out how to […]

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    The awful cruminess of the bread grilling machine

    by  • 9/17/2003 • angst • 2 Comments

    There are two types of people who get left snotty little reminder post-it ™ notes around the house…. The type that is ME and the type that is NICO. There’s a collective note that appears to address everyone in the house, but is really of group interest to ME and to NICO. At least that […]

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