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    Angry Bus Drivers Are Angry Online Too.

    by  • 2/8/2010 • angst • 0 Comments

    TTC workers going out of their way to call people who question them stupid… helping to prove the point of the most anti-union types out there. In this post: Daniella McNab, Martin Owen, Dee Leroy Watson and Sandra Cassells. Eventually another driver came along and clarified the issue very well. It’s a non-public FB group, […]

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    TIFF’s website could use some work

    by  • 8/24/2009 • angst • 0 Comments

    I’m looking at the TIFF web site, thinking that I might just do a two week long evening package at the VISA screening room – let them pick the movies that I see. I like the option that TIFF has to let you just pick a program and trust the festival programmers to get you […]

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    Weird web applications

    by  • 6/10/2009 • angst • 0 Comments

    Man, I could write about nothing but poorly designed web forms with silly, undocumented assumptions… I’m listing things on ebay and kijiji and I’m trying to list fair, accurate postal information. So, I head over to canadapost.ca and fill in information on the expected size and weight of a package. Length: 20cm Width: 25cm Height: […]

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    Calgary Harbour

    by  • 5/31/2008 • angst, Halifax • 0 Comments

    Tania found the following choice piece of clueless commentary among the protectionist responses to the revitalization plans that are being considered for Halifax. Protect the harbour views at all costs. Protect harbour views whenever possible – this is what makes Halifax stand out from the other cities – you canít see the harbour in Edmonton […]

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    If anyone asks, I was with you all afternoon.

    by  • 5/18/2008 • angst • 0 Comments

    There’s some sort of Christian youth group posing for pictures on the front of the cathedral across the street. While they’re waiting, they’re singing whatever is new and amusing in the group sing along and act it out genre of songs. It’s not precisely a campfire song; more of an elicit death threats from the […]

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    Facebook artificial selection in action

    by  • 5/8/2008 • angst, religion • 1 Comment

    There was once a creationist nut (CreNu, we’ll call him) who facebook-friended a whole bunch of atheists and skeptics. There were good conversations happening in groups, etc, so many of us accepted his terms. We’re not all against those that have invisible friends, we just don’t see the invisible so readily… Well, CreNu posted a […]

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    Old, angry and intense

    by  • 2/7/2008 • angst • 0 Comments

    The following is a transcription of the track titled “Hello, I Am Old” from a Henry Rollins live CD. It was recorded live in Australia in 2001, shortly after he turned 40,† and later released as Talk is Cheap Vol 1. When you’re young and pissed off, no one bats an eyelash. Young and angry; […]

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    This is for Christmas AND My Birthday!

    by  • 12/22/2007 • angst • 2 Comments

    How convenient for you that you don’t have to sign two separate cards, keeping your risk of card-signing injuries to a minimum; paper cuts, pen impalements, etc. I blame my extended family for my dislike of birthdays; both mine and others’; the cheap bastards. It wasn’t about the crappy sweaters or the cards with a […]

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