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    Stupid Indiegogo Ideas That Will Make Millions

    by  • 10/13/2013 • life • 0 Comments

    BluFit is the smart water bottle that helps you stay healthy by working with your phone to make sure you drink enough water. Studies show that nearly half of us are perpetually dehydrated leading to a variety of conditions, including decreased metabolism and brain activity. BluFit solves this by determining how much water you need, […]

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    Skinny Jeans?

    by  • 10/12/2013 • life • 0 Comments

    What the hell? I bought these? Skinny jeans? I thought I’d picked up the straight leg ones, but when I tried these ones ob they were fine. Not the super super skinny ones, but somewhere between skinny and straight leg.

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    Pixies in 2014

    by  • 10/10/2013 • life • 0 Comments

    I wasn’t  going to bother getting tickets for the Pixies show in January, but Fidlar is supporting. Might be nice to see the Pixies not just playing as a tribute band, rehashing the hits, but I’m mostly interested in seeing the newer band than anything. Massey Hall is a fantastic venue, and it’s really just […]

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    One more hotspot

    by  • 9/28/2013 • life • 0 Comments

    The home cable internet connection has been dead all day, and I had some work I had to do to release some code and do some testing on a disaster recovery system. I could tether to my Samsung device and use some of my expensive data plan, but I thought it might be time to […]

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