• Art & Copy, Pineapple Express, Stalker, Moneyball (45/21)

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    ART & COPY – This almost makes me think that advertising has a higher purpose. I almost leave this documentary wishing there was more advertising that tell such true and honest stories about the products that they’re selling… Oh, wait, feeling’s gone. It’s an interesting look at how advertising happens – from the back room, […]

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    Paul (122/77)

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    PAUL (Carlton) – I really like this film for what it is – a silly Simon Pegg / Nick Frost comedy with a CGI alien named Paul. There’s no real higher meaning here, but there are a whole lot of geeky science fiction references here that I caught, and likely many that I missed. They […]

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    Frozen River, Green Hornet, 1984 (30/16)

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    FROZEN RIVER (Netflix) – Nice call, Ben. LONDON RIVER and FROZEN RIVER do fit together nicely in style; though one definitely ends on a happier not than the other. Both films avoid casting judgements on the people and situations – these aren’t films about politics. No heavy-handed morals or messages; just sadness and hope. GREEN […]

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