• A Bucket of Blood, The Artist (81/37)

    by  • 2/6/2012 • film • 0 Comments

    BUCKET OF BLOOD – Stupid hipster jazz fans and spoken word poets love anything non-artistic that’s called art; lucky for abused busboy Walter Paisley who mashes corpses into clay and joins the elite artistic pretenders for just a little while. THE ARTIST – Two films about unappreciated artists today; though I much prefer George Valentin […]

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    Red State, Robocop

    by  • 10/30/2011 • film • 0 Comments

    RED STATE – This is not a horror, and not really a thriller… Drama or action, maybe. There’s a potential early on for it to become something like HOSTEL with real horror elements, but that path disappears pretty quickly. The way I see this, it is really the story of ATF agent Joseph Keenan (John […]

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    Daybreakers, The Big Lebowski

    by  • 10/29/2011 • film • 0 Comments

    DAYBREAKERS – Interesting approach to vampires, and it explores how unsustainable a world full of vampires would be. They’re running out of blood, and the vampires are starting to change into base, unthinking creatures. Vampirism in this world was caused by some sort of plague that came from a bat, and in ten years, they’ve […]

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    Winnebago Man, True Stories (382/224)

    by  • 8/12/2011 • film, movies • 0 Comments

    WINNEBAGO MAN (Hulu) – You’ve surely seen the subject of this film before. Out-takes from an industrial video he wrote and starred in have been circulating for 20 years – much of that in found footage festivals and hand-dubbed and traded video tapes, and online in the last five years thanks to Youtube. I dont […]

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    Revenge Of The Nerds, Wilby Wonderful (364/213)

    by  • 8/1/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    REVENGE OF THE NERDS (Netflix) – How a house full of socially awkward losers win friends, influence people, and take over an entire university by secretly photographing and distributing pictures of a nude cheerleader. Further cementing the group’s new found power, Lewis wins that same cheerleader’s love through “surprise sex”… It’s unsettling how films that […]

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    Noise, Noise, The Quiet, Raising Arizona (320/182)

    by  • 7/1/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    NOISE (2004) – I start off feeling bad for Joyce (Trish Goff) who moves into an old apartment under an incredibly noisy upstairs neighbour. I think everyone who lives in the city has run into this sort of thing – you move into a new place, and the guy upstairs starts up the clog-dancing at […]

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