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    The home cable internet connection has been dead all day, and I had some work I had to do to release some code and do some testing on a disaster recovery system. I could tether to my Samsung device and use some of my expensive data plan, but I thought it might be time to see if there are any non-big-Telco options for mobile data sticks or hotspots.

    I liked Wind Mobile’s all inclusive pricing, so I checked them first. They have a prepaid hotspot option that will give me unlimited data at $2/hr to a maximum of $5/day.

    As a primary data option, this would be pretty expensive, but for occasional use, it’s a bargain. VPN works smoothly, but for some reason I can’t convince neither my desktop nor laptop Mac to see the hotspot SSID. Not a big deal, considering I mostly needed to get access with my work laptop.

    Logged into the hotspot admin console with its super secret admin console on with the password admin. Yeah, changed that first. Turns out that the default wifi mode is 802.11b which apparently makes some sort of difference to my Macs? The iPad works fine with it, but not the computers? Set the hotspot to ‘auto’ mode and then it popped up on my SSID list.


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