• I Got Karma delivered

    by  • 8/28/2013 • life • 0 Comments


    It showed up at the hotel, ready for us at check-in. It even came, wrapped with a bow, no less.


    It’s quite tiny, but I do kind of like the social aspect of it, especially at a conference where others might get me free bandwidth by signing up.

    The purchased traffic stays on my account and doesn’t expire, which by itself is a cool idea for a foreigner who doesn’t need full-time access 365 days per year. I believe a gigabyte of traffic is $14, which is also quite decent compared to what AT&T charges. Things get interesting when someone new connects to my access point…they can sign up for free and use my access point for 100mb. This doesn’t affect my outstanding traffic negatively… in fact, when they sign up, I get paid (in data) with an extra 100mb.

    If I just leave it on in a session, would that be considered trolling for users?


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