• “Someone else should fix my screwup because my kid is sick”

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    So… you’re checking in for a flight on a tight connection and you don’t notice you’re late, so you’re unhurried while you stand in line at the desk? I’m not sure this guy’s ever flown before… and using the sick kid as a pity point in your story? Sad, but not for the reasons you list.

    You even say you’ve flown before… 40 minutes from customs to your flight departure? Then you wait in check-in line for 45 minutes without complaint? Yeah… that’s your fault.

    Maybe they weren’t nice to you, and didn’t hold your pwetty widdle hand… but YOU missed your flight. That’s not their fault. What do you expect them to do? Send you back in their time machine? They were likely announcing Ottawa due to it being a tight connection THAT THEY KNEW ABOUT. You, on a Delta flight where you’re not ticketed all the way through; they didn’t even know you were there. If only you’d SAID SOMETHING, rather than quietly wait until you KNEW your flight was leaving.

    How are you not checked through to your destination on this connection? You’d have to leave the secure area of the airport, get new tickets, and then clear security again? Calgary’s airport isn’t that messed up, is it?

    I think using your kid as a plot point in your pity party to cover your own screw up is pathetic.

    From: https://www.facebook.com/dmcmow/posts/4655186997523

    Dear Air Canada

    I would like to thank you for the inconsiderate care we received by your Airline This past Friday night.

    Because there is no real way to actually contact this airline in hopes that it will take a look at how they might be able to avoid this type of situation of ever occuring in the future. So I am resorting to FB so please SHARE! Also I would like them to say a simple sorry for treating myself and my son for the shear ignorance that was displayed that night.

    A little back ground info.

    My son has Scoliosis and has been treated in Salt Lake City Shriners Hospital for Children, Utah for the last 6 Years. Basically he has been in a full torso cast his whole life. We have traveled well over 20 times on various airlines and in various airports. Have made many connections without a problem. So ya we kinda know the drill of customs, airport screening and everything else in the non friendly airport travel it is today. But in all honesty airport travel has had its ups and downs.

    We left last sunday for a week so that my 7 year old boy could receive treatment. We spent our week in Salt lake and we were looking forward to just getting home. Our Delta airlines flight was 20 mins late leaving Salt Lake. I knew the timing and thought ok not a big deal we still have lots of time. By the way Delta Airlines has been fabulous to us over the last 6 years! We landed in Calgary and lets hurry a bit here to make our connection. Doesnt help you have to walk a mile to get to customs then another mile to the next airline. But looking at my watch we still had plenty of time. Customs was full as 3 international flight had just arrived. Still looking at the time my next flight on Air Canada was leaving from Calgary to Edmonton a simple domestic 40 min flight. WE still had time and I was not worried in the least. Grabbed our luggage and procceeded out of customs. My son tires easily and I just continued to coax him along and at 10pm more than a little tired. We went up the escalator and found ourselves at the WESTJET area of the terminal. Looking lost and unsure the direction I had to go. A very nice Lady from WESTJET saw my look of confusion and came over and asked if she could help. I said sorry Im not on your airline but could she point me in the right direction to find AirCanada. Extremely nice lady that pointed us in the right direction.

    We arrive at the Air Canada check in. First problem was our passports would not process in the self check in. Funny the guy said they have trouble reading the shiny new passports lol After 3 attempts all that would come up was see attendant. Ok this has happened lots of times no problem. I looked at the line and the one attendant and thought what a pain. But at least we were there had tickets and they would never leave without us. As we waited in line the checkin attendant asked numerous times for people traveling to Ottawa. As I watched as these people from behind me in line get special treatment and wisked through. I waited for our turn not once hearing if anyone is flying to Edmonton.

    Then finally it was our turn and we proceeded to the checkin desk. I complained to the man that sorry my passport doesnt like those machines. He said no problem that he would gladly check us in. I handed him our passports. He asked me if I could hold on a second as he had to help another person on the ottawa flight. No problem right. So after he is finished with the Ottawa passenger it was once again our turn. He took our passports once again. Scanned them into the machine. As the guy looked with a stunned look told me that unfortunetly you have missed the cutoff for your flight by 5 minutes. YES 5 MINUTES . I looked at him and said are you serious. He said yes your flight closed. I told him I have stood in this line for 45 mins and not once did they ask if anyone was flying to Edmonton! Nor did anyone page us that we were missing from the flight. He asked me to go back to the ticket counter and talk to an agent. At this time I thought that this simple missunderstanding would be corrected. When I got to the ticket counter the lady was far from caring nice or apologetic. She basically blamed me for everything. I was more than a bit upset. To which she scolded me and I was basically told to shut up if I wanted any help at all. I then proceeded to tell her why on earth its my fault their machines didnt accept my passport when there was still plenty of time. Why on earth would they not asked if there where any Edmonton passangers in the line. They did they for all of the Ottawa passengers? Why was I left in a line for 45 minutes without a page. They knew that there were 2 passengers not checked in? I hear it all the time in airports people getting paged or at least a call out if anyones traveling to EDMONTON you need to come up here now!!! IN all honesty how in the world did this become my fault!!!

    It gets better.
    She then told me I could take another flight late the next day. Alot of good that does me it was approching 11:30pm and the funny thing was my plane was still sitting on the tarmac. She said but your not going to like this. Told me theres some good news and some bad. I said whats the bad news first. Because your purchasing your ticket within 10 days of departure your tickets will cost you 847 dollars the good news is you have 218 dollar credit from the flight you missed. This flight leaves at 6 oclock tomorrow night. My exact words to her was “ARE YOU F****** KIDDING ME” ! To which the lady expressed that that language is not going to get me anywhere! OBVIOUS!!! I was just so flabbergasted.

    Then came the really hard parts! I said Im not interested in flying with their airline ever again. She then told me to take the bus it would be alot cheaper. At this time I was so shell shocked at the total disregard for me and my son. I could not believe the treatment air canada showed to us. So I asked for the credit which was $109 per seat. To which she said you are not entitled to the money and it could only be used for air travel within one year. So I asked repeatedly to have the credits reimbursed back to the AL Shamal Shriners because they are the ones that originally purchased the tickets. I was told repeatedly they cant. Told me that the credit is in our names and cant be transferred to anyone else.

    I dont want your credit why on earth would I ever want to fly on your airline again!

    After that she was very nice giving me the number for the bus. The last bus to Edmonton left in 45 mins. By this time I had a terrified 7 year old sobbing in pain and just wanted to go home! The last bus out of Edmonton is the milk run a normal 3 hour car ride or a 40 min flight turned into a 5 1/2 hour bus ride. It has taken 3 days for my son to recover from the pain his scoliosis has caused him. I was so worried that I took off work today to make sure he was going to be ok. That in addition to the week I lost with him in the hospital.

    I would just like to have a person from Air Canada say sorry we SCREWED UP! Also RETURN the money that Shriners Hospitals for Children who paid for these tickets!
    I would like if everyone stopped flying with AIR CANADA but then again everyone would be pissed at me because the Canadian Tax payer would have to bail them out yet again!



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