• Ready for Dragon*Con 2013. Almost.

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    Today’s been a pretty productive day; one of the better “day before flying” days that I can remember.

    We went to the bank and applied for an RESP for Stirling. I wasn’t sold on the idea until I learned that the government offers a grant of up to 20% (for me… families who have less income can get something like 25%) of the first $2500 we contribute. I WISH my other investments could safely and reliably make 20%. So, even if I just buy low risk fixed income products or leave it as cash in this account, it’s all upside. We don’t get any kind of child care subsidies, etc, but we do get the standard “Universal Child Care Benefit” (Family Allowance) of $1200 per year, paid monthly.

    So, the Canadian government will contribute 20% to the first $2500 of our RESP. They also pay us nearly half of that $2500 (though that $1200 is taxable), so it’s a pretty sweet deal as far as the boy’s post-secondary education is concerned.

    I also arranged a plan to tidy up my own debt at a lower interest rate and got a nice look at my credit report, which is in pretty good order, with 1s nearly across the board (a couple 2s and a single 3, but hundreds of 1s). I was concerned that there might be some old or incorrect information on my file, so that’s nice to see.

    When we were leaving, we managed to score a couple cute little stuffed toys for Stirling. The lion (Leo) is their RESP mascot, and how cute is this? I mentioned how I’d tried to find an Arbie doll, and the loans officer guy perked up and said “I have a couple of those!” I thought he meant that he had a couple for his kids, etc… but no, he told me to wait right there, and he ran off to get one. Yes, it’s a corporate mascot from an elite big bank (that I work for)… but I’m going to hand it over to a kid (in a couple years) who’s going to show Arbie who’s boss.

    Dog is playing in a dog park with other dogs at the boarding place, and has likely forgotten we exist. Stirling’s off to meet his Grandma Atcheson who arrived in town today to babysit so we could go to Atlanta. We thought about taking him, but as he’s tiny and unvaccinated, we’d rather not chance anything.

    Now… last minute packing…

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    1. bev101
      8/27/2013 at 3:06 pm

      check the list, fire breathing, wings, scales, camera hahahaha

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