• TIFF Attendees, Abusing The Staff

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    Copied from my Facebook post

    Just got into it with a serious bitch in line at Starbucks. She was in a serious rush, yelling at the staff for only having one cash running. She neeeeeded her coffee and she needed it now, and she wanted to let them know.

    Flapping her limp $5 bill at them in a huff, demanding her ‘medium mild’ coffee, whatever that is… I hope they gave her decaf.

    I told her to shut up and leave them alone. Exact words.

    There were two people ahead of her making orders, and there were three people making iced drinks for customers waiting. They weren’t ‘standing around’ to spite her – they were doing their jobs.

    When confronted by me, she crumpled up and fled once they gave her the change. She jammed that change into her Prada coin purse and ran away. Fucking Prada.

    To the condiment stand, where she hadn’t had time to complete her coffee before I got there… Poor dear. Maybe next time she’ll send her assistant to fetch her coffee.

    I pursued her complaint. ‘So why don’t you want I discus this with me, or do you just like yelling at service people?’

    She wouldn’t even look at me. I’m scruffy as usual, but I’m wearing a nice suit jacket today. In short, I’m not one of those people that she gets of on yelling at, apparently.

    She whined about there being a film festival. I told her I was aware, and that I had tickets too. I so hope that I run into her again in line and that I recognize her.

    If you are so rushed for a coffee between shows, you need to plan better and stop yelling at people who aren’t doin anything wrong.

    From further comments:

    Before she left the register, I told her that I hoped all her movies sucked… Oh, and I defend the use of the word ‘bitch’ in this case. This person would be a bitch regardless of gender.

    I was concerned with what I’d do to fill the lengthy break between movies today. I like to think that I made a horrible old woman’s Christmas miracle happen early this year. She’ll be driving her Lexus home tonight and realize that her life is empty, and tomorrow she’ll buy the biggest goose at the organic butcher’s.


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