• Blocked from Facebook

    by  • 11/18/2012 • life • 0 Comments

    I’ve been advised that I’ve been tried and convicted by the secret Facebook community standards tribunal. I’m under a 24 hour ban from posting anything, and I don’t know why. Which of my thousands of posts or photos has offended someone so much that they took the tiniest of efforts to flag something as offensive? Well, The Tribunal won’t tell you… they won’t even give you a link to appeal. Oh, I could appeal if my account had been TERMINATED, but I’ve only been restricted, so I need to shut up and take my restriction like a big boy, apparently. I can’t use the contact form that they have for terminated accounts… I’m in limbo.

    I can still login as another account I have for use with ‘no god’ and I can verify that nothing THERE is missing, and I can’t see anything on my main Facebook account that is obviously missing.

    It feels a bit like how I feel about dealing with any faceless, all powerful being. Oh, sure, I’m told I have free will, but without notice, I can be smacked down and sent to a timeout with no explanation.


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