• The Red Chapel, Leprechaun, Welcome to North Korea, Rare Exports, Trainspotting (91/42)

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    THE RED CHAPEL – Interesting bit of sneaky documentary work. They were able to get away with a lot by not speaking English. I felt bad for Jacob, as he was lead into this project under something of a false pretence by the film maker.

    LEPRECHAUN – So very bad on so many fronts, but it’s a funny enough film, especially since Jennifer Aniston is the highlight of the film.

    WELCOME TO NORTH KOREA – Most of the footage here is from State-guided tours, so there’s nothing very revealing in the video – that’s mostly in the narration.

    RARE EXPORTS – This is a fantastic film about the discovery of the real Santa and his elves. Evil, evil, naked elves.

    TRAINSPOTTING – A classic film with a phenomenal cast.


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