• Defendor, Contagion (83/38)

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    DEFENDOR – I’m not a big Woody Harrelson fan, but there’s something great about his portrayal of Defendor. It’s described as a dark comedy, but there’s nothing that I’d consider traditionally funny here – this is a tragedy in every sense. This dim man child tries to track down his nemesis, Captain Industry, who stole away his mother decades earlier. Defendor lives in a world all his own, but he does make a difference, despite himself.

    CONTAGION – Why was this released in IMAX? It’s not piracy that’s killing the music and film industry, it’s releasing films in 3D or IMAX when they simply don’t need it. I expected two things when this started; I expected this to be a disease that spread insanely fast and far, and I expected the film to end on a down note, but to not tie everything up. The disease itself was quite bad, all things considered. In CSI style, the heroes were able to track the disease progression backwards to its origin with one pig in one kitchen thanks to multi-angle, high definition video that miraculously comes their way. The ending ties things up too nicely, leaving just the hint of the disease returning for a sequel.


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