• Solaris (2002), Last Woman On Earth, Dementia 13, If A Tree Falls, Dirt! The Movie (79/36)

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    SOLARIS (2002) – The central story changes significantly from the Russian version to this one. While cutting about an hour from the run time, it doesn’t make the film any better. While there’s less brooding, I found there was much less connection with the characters.

    LAST WOMAN ON EARTH – Interesting end of the world situation, with sadly typical 1960s gender roles. Everyone’s dead, and this is how a romantic triangle breaks down on a tropical island that’s well stoked with booze and tobacco. Can’t we all just get along and re-populate the planet? Nope, apparently not.

    DEMENTIA 13 – I thought that the gold digger wife was going to fare better than she did… Sometimes it’s just not possible to tell where the tide is going in a Corman film.

    IF A TREE FALLS – A STORY OF THE EARTH LIBERATION FRONT – Documentary about the environmental sabotage group, Earth Liberation Front, who worked hard to release carbon held captive in mansions and universities and condos. I appreciate the motives offered up by the group’s supporters and members, I’ve never been a supported of Black Bloc tactics like this.

    DIRT! THE MOVIE – I found this film shockingly simplistic, over the top with its pandering animations and over-simplified definitions. It’s a bit like they were trying desperately to jazz up a boring subject in the same way unhip teachers think that throwing a poorly written lyric over a hip-hop beat will trick students into enjoying calculus.


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