• Who Wants To Kill Jessie, Pirate Radio (71/34)

    by  • 2/3/2012 • film • 0 Comments

    WHO WANTS TO KILL JESSIE – Incredibly absurd film from 1960s Czechoslovakia sees Jessie, a buxom blonde scientist pulled off the comic pages and into the real world. Her comic book foes; a cowboy and a low rent caped superhero follow as well. It’s a farce dealing quite literally with adult wish fulfillment and some not so hidden slights against the soviet state.

    PIRATE RADIO – Enjoyable film, but mostly forgettable. I was surprised to learn that, in Europe, pirate radio was often broadcast from ships off-shore. Real pirates, and according to Wikipedia, more than one person involved came to ugly ends, befitting pirates. I can’t imagine how the business plan made sense.


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