• Videodrome, Anonymous (69/33)

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    VIDEODROME – Come up to Toronto and James Woods will show you some torture porn and then pierce your ears. Watch out for his Six Pack Dentata. Emissions from the Cathode Ray Tube setup in a mission to help cure the homeless… and perhaps carry something more sinister.

    I’m more than a little surprised to find out this was released a decade before NAKED LUNCH… almost expected they released much closer together based on look and feel.

    Bianca: “In that case, Mr. Wren, it’s not a style. It’s a disease forced upon them from lack of access to the Cathode Ray tube.”
    Wren: “You think a few doses of TV will help them?”
    Bianca: “Watching TV will help patch them back into the world’s mixing board.”

    ANONYMOUS – Who really wrote the Shakespeare plays? English Literature Truthers have all sorts of conspiratorial theories, mostly stopping just short of blaming a time-traveling Dick Cheney. I’d heard rumblings of this being a boring film, and complaints of a film that over promised and under-delivered. I think these complaints are half right… the last half of the film is, not exactly bad, but a bit confused. It could likely benefit from a bit of editing to remove some of the less useful plot angles.


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