• To Hell and Back Again, Teens in Space (67/32)

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    TEENS IN SPACE – They arrive on the distant planet, and head down to see who had sent the signal that was received on Earth. What do they find? pinheaded disco aliens in bell-bottoms. These disco creatures are capitalist robots; actual robots, seeking self-centered bliss without any personal reponsibility! During one of the rescue missions, there are a couple surprisingly psychadelic bits including a bald dance breakdown. I half expected to hear Klaus Nomi singing at other points.

    TO HELL AND BACK AGAIN – On the surface, this is another documentary detailing the difficulties faced by a soldier returning home, much different than how he left. Filming seems to have started well before the specific story to be told emerged. Marine Sgt. Nathan Harris became the subject of the documentary, after he was shot, nearly having made it home from his most recent tour in Afghanistan. The editing of the film is exceptional, paralleling the road to recovery at home in the USA to the Sgt’s experiences overseas. Sometimes video of the man’s struggles in the car, or in his living room at home are shown with a soundtrack from operations overseas. This is a strong film, and the imagery is surprisingly graphic.


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