• Little Shop of Horrors (64/30)

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    LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS – This version feels like a goofy stage play, where the 1980s version felt maybe a bit less erratic. Still, I think this version is more in keeping with the general plot. Silly film, but an odd script and decent acting make it a fun show.

    Det. Sgt .Joe Fink: How’s the wife, Frank?
    Det. Frank Stoolie: Not bad, Joe.
    Det. Sgt .Joe Fink: Glad to hear it. The kids?
    Det. Frank Stoolie: Lost one yesterday.
    Det. Sgt .Joe Fink: Lost one, huh? How’d that happen?
    Det. Frank Stoolie: Playing with matches
    Det. Sgt .Joe Fink: Well, those’re the breaks
    Det. Frank Stoolie: I guess so.


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