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    I have apparently been added to some email list in Rogers Communications, likely because some customer gave them the wrong email address, and it’s ending up sending their crap to me.

    Clicking on the “unsubscribe” link in the email takes me to what Rogers considers an adequate form for unsubscribing.

    Note the required fields for account numbers. I am not now, nor have I been in the past decade, a customer of Rogers in any way.

    I am on their newsletter list, but I can’t leave it. There’s no Reply-to-Unsubscribe on the email – I get a bounce telling me to go away.

    I send an email through their system, and they send me a DIFFERENT link, eventually

    Thank you for taking the time to write to us. In response to your request “To opt out of future newsletters, we ask that you please visit www.rogers.com/wp and complete the marketing permission opt out form. This will allow you to select the content that you do not wish to receive. Please allow us three weeks to update our email records. “

    I tried that, and this different form only wants my full name and postal code. Well, I don’t think that they need that to unsub, so I try just with the email address. Nope.

    You’ll note that nothing there is marked as required, but it appears that the checkboxes are required. I tried with a bogus name and postal code, and still received this error. Guess what shows up if you click either of those boxes?

    If you guessed “The hidden, required, fields for your Rogers account number and phone number” you would be correct.

    Further email to Rogers received this response:

    In regards to your inquiry in order to not receive further Rogers newsletters you will need to visit the link previously provided and complete the marketing permission opt out form. As mentioned previously you are not a Rogers customer therefore we are unable to complete this for you.

    I’ve visited the link, and it won’t remove me as I’m not a Rogers customer. I’m being refused service by CSRs as I’m not a Rogers customer.

    This is fucked up.


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    1. 1/29/2012 at 7:35 pm

      I had a similar circular thing with rogers when I tried out their cable, then cancelled before they started charging me. They could not cancel me because I had not received a bill? Then they billed me after I had cancelled, then they reversed the charge, then they were billing me for $0.03 interest on the late payment that was cancelled. Then interest on the interest. It was 6 months before I got rid of them, and I was only able to do that by calling them and giving them a new number which was totally fake. Nice way to entice new customers with a free 3 months “welcome to hell” package.

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