• Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Real Steel, Fast Times at Ridgemont High (60/28)

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    TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY – This really feels like a good film, but I don’t think I was in the mood for it… it’s very slow, very precise. It’s not plodding or boring, per se, but it’s not a film to watch when tired. I think that I’ll need to watch this one again in order to properly judge.

    REAL STEEL – When I initially saw the trailer for this, I assumed Mattel didn’t feel like licensing the name Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots for this film. Hollywood has been making films out of nearly anything that would stand still long enough. There’s a HASBRO-licensed film of BATTLESHIP coming out in 2012, so anything is possible. The film is, basically, the story of a deadbeat father and his son. There aren’t a lot of surprises in this this, but it’s fun.

    FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH – This is great example of an 80s film that isn’t completely unbelievable; much of it feels real, even if it’s polished a bit for theatrical release. The interactions between Sean Penn and Ray Walston’s characters Jeff Spicoli and Mr. Hand are fantastic. I remember a couple people from high school like Jeff and his crew, and at least a couple teachers like Mr. Hand.


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