• Ferat Vampire (57/27)

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    FERAT VAMPIRE – This film is messed up. Many story lines are setup and just aren’t pursued, so it’s like an early version of THE ROOM. However, much of the humor seems to be intentional, so it’s also unlike THE ROOM.

    Ambulance driver falls under the spell of a vampire race car.
    Vampire car’s previous driver dies.
    Ambulance driver becomes vampire car’s new driver.
    Her former co-worker and random Guy Who Knows The Secret Of Vampire Engine try to rescue her.
    Dead driver’s sister shows up and has sex with new driver’s former co-worker for some reason I’m unclear on.
    Creepy mother in wheel chair watches….

    It felt a bit like there was a missing reel at the end of the film, too… it just ended at a seemingly arbitrary spot.

    I think I need to watch it again… here’s the whole thing on Youtube (without subtitles) – searching for the Czech name ‘Upír z Feratu’ seems more successful than searching for its English name.


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