• I Am A Good Person / I Am A Bad Person (56/26)

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    I AM A GOOD PERSON / I AM A BAD PERSON – For some reason, I thought this was going to be less narrative. I suppose that it was the sign Ingrid was wearing in production stills that accompanied the synopsis in the TIFF program book that made me imagine this as more abstract performance than it was.

    Film maker Ruby White (Veninger) and her daughter Sara (Veninger’s real-life daughter, Switzer), are traveling to promote her new film, HEADSHOTS, at festivals. Sara has other things on her mind, and things just aren’t comfortable with her poo-obsessed mother. The Mother wants to have fun and escape from her life, but The Daughter feels pulled by responsibilities that she isn’t sure she’s ready for.

    I found this to be a stronger film, overall, than Veninger’s previous film, MODRA. Not to take anything away from MODRA, but I AM A GOOD PERSON… feels more focused, more decisive.


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