• The Hunt For Red October, The Ides of March, 50/50 (55/25)

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    THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER – Ah, yes, Scots-accented-Russian. Sounds oddly like Klingon from the Star Trek films… I don’t really buy Alec Baldwin in this role; maybe it’s the slicked back hair? Maybe it’s that he feels more like a passenger than part of the action.

    THE IDES OF MARCH – An interesting look at Stephen Meyers, a political campaign worker (Gosling), and his move from naive idealism to jaded self-interest. He tries to cover up the questionable actions of his boss, who is running for the Democratic Presidential nomination, and ends up paying dearly for his actions. Not much of a re-watch potential, but it’s a good film.

    50/50 – Cancer sucks, but any role that allows for the use of marijuana, for Seth Rogen, I suppose. There are black comedic elements, and serious drama, especially as Adam’s (Gordon-Levitt) last chance surgery approaches. Kyle (Rogen) is the best friend who seems to not be treating Adam’s diagnosis seriously, but he’s there where others aren’t. Some of the most touching elements come as Adam says goodbye to his small circle; especially his father, who suffers from Alzheimer’s and hardly ever recognizes him.


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