• Mission Impossible II, Mission Impossible III (52/24)

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    MISSION IMPOSSIBLE II – A secret, deadly, virus has been developed in order to sell a secret cure that wouldn’t have been commercially viable without a matching disease. Terrorists have stolen the cure, but now they need to get their hands on the disease. In the second film of the franchise, I start to wonder if Tom Cruise doesn’t actually believe he IS Ethan Hunt.

    MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III – Retired from the spy trade, Ethan Hunt is now training IMF recruits. Of course, he’s called up for one last mission. At least, he doesn’t say “I’m getting too old for this shit.” This is a better over-all film than the previous two; partly due to the villain (Philip Seymour Hoffman) being a more believable version of the ruthless bastard. Hunt is in more real danger here, and there’s more tension between character.


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