• TIFF’s New and “Improved” web site

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    I just received an email from TIFF about their much improved online ticket purchasing options, and since their previous shopping interface was… horrifying… I opted to check it out. There were some issues on trying to activate my account, due in part to layout issues in both Chrome and Internet Explorer (screen shots of some of that at the bottom – what’s with the AD slot?) and an undocumented reliance on popup windows for getting passwords activated or resent.

    I go to the page for a film; say PINA at http://tiff.net/filmsandschedules/tiffbelllightbox/2012/3600000411

    I want to buy a ticket, and now they have super handy “add to cart” buttons right there!

    I’d like to see it at 12:45 on Tuesday please!

    I thought I clicked on 12:45 on Tuesday for PINA. I didn’t say anything about CARNAGE…

    I hope that this is just an oversight, as I would like to be able to buy tickets directly from the front page without having to click through the show and time twice.

    Layout issues in commonly used browsers (Chrome, IE 8, Firefox on Windows all behave similarly) – maybe I need to access from a Blackberry due to some unusual new sponsorship agreement?


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