• Art & Copy, Pineapple Express, Stalker, Moneyball (45/21)

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    ART & COPY – This almost makes me think that advertising has a higher purpose. I almost leave this documentary wishing there was more advertising that tell such true and honest stories about the products that they’re selling… Oh, wait, feeling’s gone. It’s an interesting look at how advertising happens – from the back room, through the pitch, the production, and getting the ad on the street.

    PINEAPPLE EXPRESS – The character Red (Danny McBride) is a nice surprise, as a non-typical drug dealer character with Scarface style powers of near-invincibility.

    STALKER – Lots happens, but not a lot HAPPENS. Russian post-apocalyptic sci-fi about an abandoned Zone where the Room exists. The Room is widely known to grant the desires of those that manage to get past many obstacles and traps. Any access to the Zone is prohibited, I assume because the Soviet authorities didn’t want anyone’s dreams coming true. Plenty of abstract scenes and dialogue with nothing really straight-forward occuring.

    MONEYBALL – Nothing really amazing here. It’s a good film, and I enjoyed watching it, but there’s nothing all that surprising with the story or the acting. It’s okay, but I don’t think this should really be a Best Picture Oscar nominee.



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