• Live Free or Die Hard (38/18)

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    LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD – aka DIE HARD 4. This isn’t the best of the films for me, but I’d watch it over the second film anytime. I think the third film had its moments, but this one was more consistant. That said… For me, this is a film where technology is written somewhat like a secondary evil character, and it’s poorly scripted, generic and stereotyped in all ways possible.

    It’s not like in the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE films where technology is obviously little more than a science fiction means to an end where you just suspend disbelief. They’re saying this all with a straight face here – “Oh yeah, kids with Nokia phones take down satellites all the time – don’t you watch the news?!”

    Still, I liked the geeks, and I liked the Kevin Smith cameo, and the film overall was pretty good if you could ignore the tech.


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