• Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Star Trek VI: Undiscovered Country, Star Trek VII: Generations, Urbanized (34/15)

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    STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER – The crew of the Enterprise gets religion and they go looking for God, and find that God exists, and he’s an asshole. He’s also not much of a believable character. The crew start

    STAR TREK VI: UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY – Kirk and Spock Go To Prison Planet. I’m starting to get the sense that it’s the even numbered movies in the franchise that are the ones that are more interesting. They’re all mostly forgettable for me other than “The One With Khan” and “The One With the Transparent Aluminum”

    STAR TREK VII: GENERATIONS – I did like the idea of Kirk meeting Picard, but on the whole this would have been a sad excuse for a TNG episode, let alone a feature film. The holodeck scene sets the bar super low, and yet they still have trouble geting over it later in the film.

    URBANIZED – Some amazing coverage of how cities are trying to become more livable. Repurposing public spaces and disused spaces in new, unintended ways to service a new population. I ordered the DVD pretty much once I got home.


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