• Elizabeth, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Le Vendeur, Take This Waltz (30/14)

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    ELIZABETH & ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN AGE – Great acting on a strong pair of scripts.

    LE VENDEUR – For a man who is, professionally, everyone’s friend, Marcel Lévesque (Sicotte) is an extremely lonely man, but he doesn’t have the slightest idea what he’s missing. He lives for his job, and for those small moments with his grandson. In this small industrial town, with its plant shutting down, Lévesque seems immune to caring about this – he does whatever he can to sell what he can to anyone. He’s a machine, and even more

    TAKE THIS WALTZ – This film is bitter-sweet for me, but not for the reasons that the film makers appear to have intended. On the plus side, it’s possibly the best role I’ve seen Seth Rogen in the past year. Michelle Williams plays very well against him, as well; they feel like a very natural couple. The problem comes with the rest of the film, and the rest of the film is what stands in the way of this being a successful film for me. Scenes that involve other characters, however, seem unnatural. I don’t buy the other man, and that’s vital to the acceptance of the last half of the film.

    When Sarah Silverman’s character reappears suddenly near the end, it descends into the absurd. The last act is pretty much an insult to the intelligence of the viewer. I think it could benefit from chopping out Sarah Silverman’s story (even though she’s good here, her character’s family distracts), and maybe wiping out the big fuck-a-thon at the end entirely.

    Who keeps funding Sarah Polley projects? We have other actresses, better female directors… fund THEIR projects.


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