• Marecages, Lethal Weapon 4 (24/11)

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    MARCAGES – A struggling family-owned dairy farm is having problems, and why not blame it all on the son? He always seemed to be around when bad things happened… Part coming-of-age film, part dysfunctional family, part seething hatred. The director wasn’t able to be in attendance, but he seemed certain, based on a statement that the TIFF programmer read out prior to the screening, that we would be filled with questions afterward. Well, there’s an ambiguity left in the end, but that’s not the question I had. My only real question for the director would have been “Is Marie based on someone you hate?”

    LETHAL WEAPON 4 – While this film seems to be trying to tie the series up with a nice, happy ending, most of the film is superfluous. There’s nothing really new here; Murtaugh is still too old for this shit, and Riggs’ zaniness is a mere shadow of its former self. The only real win here, as far as I’m concerned is how they finish off the Leo Getz story at the end. There’s an IMDB entry for LETHAL WEAPON 5, but I hope that’s just a horrible rumor. I don’t think there’s anything more to be had from this series with these actors, and any reboot would be a very sad affair.


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