• Keyhole, Edwin Boyd (11/6)

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    KEYHOLE – This is one of those films that’s surely better than I think it is. It moves between comedically bizarre and impenetrably obtuse. Guy Maddin is great, funny, and charming and it was nice that he was there for the screening… but the film just feels pretentious, forced, arty for art’s sake. Like a Canadian version of the last Goddard film I saw, but in English.

    “Everyone line up against the wall. Everyone who’s still alive, face out, everyone who’s dead face the wall.”

    Ghost and gangsters I get; not so much the Homeric overtones.

    EDWIN BOYD – Based on a real Canadian bank robber / folk hero that I’d never heard of. The film version of the story tells of a Toronto Transit worker who says “Fuck it” one day, and walks away from his, still running, bus. He eventually turned to bank robbery, eventually ruining his life and the lives of everyone around him. It’s a solid film, especially for a first time director.


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