• The Debt (8/4)

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    THE DEBT – Mossad agents go undercover in 1960s East Berlin in pursuit of a Nazi war criminal. They investigate, identify, and capture Doctor Vogel (Christensen). During an escape attempt, the Doctor is shot and killed by Rachel (Mirren). That’s the story that they stick to for thirty years, until a hole starts to grow in the story shortly after Rachel’s daughter releases a book profiling her mother. A reporter is about to interview a man who claims to be the same Doctor Vogel…

    It’s a good film, though it does mire down more than once as if the film makers had forgotten where they were or what they were trying to do with the story.

    One technical issue – Rachel, in 1967, takes three photos of the suspected Vogel using a spy camera pendant on her necklace. That’s an impressive high-speed microdot camera… that I somehow doubt could even be made today.


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