• Hopscotch, Julia’s Eyes, Cedar Rapids (6/2)

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    HOPSCOTCH – Miles Kendig (Matthau) decides that he’s had enough of the political bullshit from his clueless CIA minders. Rather than passively accept an assignment to a desk in the basement file room, Kendig has a more interesting idea – he’s going to write a book, and threaten to publish it. Naming names, he sends the chapters to intelligence contacts in various nations rather than simply to publishers. The chase begins.

    JULIA’S EYES – One twin dies, and the other takes her place in the weird game being played by a stalker. Hiding in the shadows, the presence seems to have driven, first Sara, and now Julia over the edge of sanity. A bunch of twists and turns and a bit of guessing as we’re not sure if the presence is real or imaginary, natural or supernatural. Is this part of the emotional aspects of the disease that robbed both sisters of their sight? Not a very surprising film, though it has its moments.

    CEDAR RAPIDS – This is better than I imagined it would be. The whole story angle with Bree and the drug smoking felt more than a bit over the top, and not really a believable part of Tim Lippe’s (Ed Helms) character. I understand that he’s having an emotional breakdown, and that it’s a comedy film, but it’s a bit of a stretch. I think it might be an excuse just for Ronald Wilkes (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) to do his homage to the TV show THE WIRE during the rescue.


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