• Gojira (1954), The Room, Star Trek II, Die Hard III (641/365)

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    This is it for 2011… 641 films. While that sounds horrible, I’ve largely done away with TV other than Netflix and a handful of shows like Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory and Simpsons. All the hour-long crime series from CSI, Bones, Law & Order, Criminal Minds; all gone.

    I think more effort goes into the production of a 2 hour film than into a full season of many of these TV shows; even the films that I chose to close off the year with.

    For 2012, I think I’m going to continue this, and will try to keep the re-watches to a minimum. I may re-watch the Swedish series of THE GIRL WITH… films again, or maybe HANNA, or ROCKY HORROR. For the most part, though, I think I’ll have no trouble staying busy working through the AFI, AFR, and IMDB lists as well as films from Cannes. Plus, in iTunes alone, I still have a huge backlog of movies that I have bought and not watched yet. Between those and the theatre tickets I already have, I shouldn’t even have to look at Netflix until the middle of February.

    GOJIRA (1954) – I decided that this was just too much of an oversight in my movie watching. I need to watch the Godzilla movies. I think that there are 30 of them, so that’s one ever 1-2 weeks over the next year. Hopefully they mix things up in future movies; maybe with magical singing twins or giant moths.

    I’d only seen the 1998 Americanized version in its entirety, and that was… less than good… This was better than I thought; cheesy, sure, but no worse than anything else I’ve seen from the 50s.

    THE ROOM (RIFFTRAX) – Thank you, Rifftrax for making this film more watchable than it could have been without the distraction during the horrifyingly bad softcore sex scenes. Oh, hi there, guy. The dialogue was beyond belief, and there’s no way humans could ever utter these sentences in normal interactions. By the way, the tests came back and I have cancer. So where’s that football? I do believe that I’ll have to go to the next theatre screening I find for this horror show.

    STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN – KHAN! KHAAAAAAN! This is so much better than the first movie in the series. There’s a life to this one that is completely absent in the first, and WRATH doesn’t try to be something it isn’t. The actors are performing here, but in the first they appeared to be satirizing acting.

    DIE HARD III: WITH A VENGEANCE – This is my favorite of the series, I think. Perhaps it’s even more unbelievable than the first two films, but the addition of Samuel L. Jackson’s character, Zeus, makes it all good.


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