• Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Soylent Green (637/364)

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    STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE – Other than the central V’GER plot which was novel, this is one long, boring movie. The dialogue and acting is shockingly bad – worse than the original series was, so could it be the director to blame here?

    There are elements of the film that feel like it’s little more than a sad attempt at retelling 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY but with Vulcans. There’s

    SOYLENT GREEN – Big fan of this film – I think I like this is one of the better 70s ‘nightmare future’ films, with one of Charlton Heston’s best performances in the decade. In a world where a jar of strawberry jam runs $200, and the best food you can find is highly processed human biscuits, Detective Thorn pursues inconvenient truths.


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