• Tiny Furniture, Death Race 2000 (633/362)

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    TINY FURNITURE – As much as I want to say these nihilists are a new generation hipster thing, I think it’s been a pretty common art school thing for eons. Aura is having such a horrible time with all her first world problems. She’s finished university and has no idea what she is going to do, or where she is going to go. She over-shares with everyone around her, and apparently has no desire to do anything, happy to drift.

    “On my resume, under skills, I put ‘has a landline'”

    DEATH RACE 2000 – Roger Corman, bringing a scary picture of the future of American politics and entertainment. Sylvester Stallone is actually pretty good here, but the bar isn’t set especially high in this bit of parody for acting. It’s fun, and weird in a way that was popular in a certain type of early 70s film.


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