• Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Le Havre (591/345)

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    CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS – I heard so many people going on and on about how amazing it was that this was in 3D. They’re paintings on a wall… Yes, there is an element of the third dimension, but really? I’ve only seen pale copies of the paintings, so while the large screen would have been nice, I can’t imagine the 3D element would have added any more value to this than it would to a Harold and Kumar film.

    The paintings are amazing, and they’re as close as most of us will ever get to these pieces. It’s great hearing from those studying the work, and seeing how much work has been put into preserving the environment in the caves. Seeing how fresh and recent the pieces look, down to the lumps of charcoal cast off on the ground.

    I’m a bit disappointed that Herzog ended with the albino crocodiles; he tried to make a point about mutation and the future, and maybe about nuclear radiation, but it felt forced.

    LE HAVRE – It’s a comedy with some pretty serious undertones including people smuggling and terminal disease, and it features a surprisingly close-knit group of people who pull together to help a stranger break the law. Decent actors with a very loose storyline that doesn’t explain everything… but seriously, what’s with the eggs?


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