• American Pie 2, American Pie 3, Singin’ In The Rain (547/321)

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    AMERICAN PIE 2 – There’s a bit of a feeling of this being a middle movie; there’s a lot of the same from the first film, but they do build on the quirky relationship between Michelle (Hannigan) and Jim (Biggs), and there is a bit of Band Camp thrown in.

    AMERICAN PIE 3 – Stiffler dances it up in a gay bar. They’ve made him into less of a homophobe, “It puts the dess in the drawer” when Bear is dressing up in dresses. This isn’t just AMERICAN WEDDING, it’s also STIFFLER’S REDEMPTION… well, only to a point, because he’s still horrible.

    SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN – I’m sure there’s some special place in Hell for people who say things like this, but I think that the AMERICAN PIE franchise of films aren’t that much different from films like this. Hell, in the third PIE film, there’s even a dance number. There’s scenes that exist only to setup a joke, there’s base humor and insult-based comedy. Okay, so the Gene Kelly production is a whole lot more family friendly on the whole, but I don’t think the AMERICAN PIE films are all that different from 1950s musical comedies. Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor then, Alyson Hannigan now and Eddie Kaye Thomas.


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