• Pulp Fiction, Atlas Shrugged Part 1 (541/318)

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    PULP FICTION – Watched the fan edit ‘The Chronological Cut’ where all the storylines are placed into, you guessed it, chronological order. It’s a bit weird to start off with the watch scene and move on from there, especially since now we don’t end the film until the Fighter escapes from the Sex Dungeon after he returns home to recover said watch. I think it works really well, and it’s worth watching this way at least once.

    It never really occurred to me that Vincent was high when he showed up to pick up Mia, but seeing it put together this way, it’s pretty obvious he’s fucked UP when he arrives. The expensive heroin seems to be good, because he’s still dopey at the rock and roll diner. Where he’s relatively witty and lively before this… I’ve never noticed before this…

    I’m sure this will disappear from YouTube soon enough, but check it out while you can.

    ATLAS SHRUGGED PART 1 – I’ve done it. I’ve watched ATLAS SHRUGGED PART 1. It’s ludicrous, and the acting (or possibly the direction) is pretty bad. Mostly, I think the dialogue is completely unnatural, but I’m not familiar with the source material, so I have no idea how much of the bad is direct from the book.

    Now I’m reading Objectivist forums from before the movie’s release, and the optimism is staggering…

    “This film will shock Hollywood. It will be the top grossing film of the year and will set records for opening day and opening weekend. May end up being the top grossing film of all time. DVD and Blu-Ray sales will be through the roof. The $25 Million budget will be made back the first weekend. I can see this film eventually grossing $1 Billion. This will only make the next 2 parts better because of a bigger budget. Just keep studio and Hollywood types hands off. They’ll be tripping over each other trying to be part of the next 2 films.” — http://www.atlas-shrugged-movie.com/myths/

    The numbers from BoxOfficeMojo are not as good as all that… No wonder the last I heard was that Part 2 was shelved.

    Domestic Total Gross: $4,627,375
    Opening Weekend: $1,686,347

    LEFT BEHIND: THE MOVIE Domestic Total Gross: $4,224,065

    127 Domestic Total Gross: $18,335,230

    Meaning? A whole lot more people would rather watch someone cut their own arm off slowly for a couple hours rather than deal with religious propaganda of one flavour or another.

    My live-tweeting the film for those fortunate enough not to be watching it…

    @xinit0 Okay, not even two minutes in, and I’ve realized I will need to angry tweet this movie. #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 OMG oil imports down, so the only affordable transportation is train. Um… Okay… #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 Grumpy old man… Grumpy old man… Kooky looking secondhander… Smart entrepreneur… BINGO! #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 Ragnar The Pirate. I have nothing further on that. #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 $37.50 a gallon! Yay Free Market! #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 They’re not even doing believable rich business people, let alone believable poor people. #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 Really, I can’t even imagine a scenario where rail could be more efficient – in time or oil. Not in the US. #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 Entire chunks of dialogue sound like arguments between adults in Charlie Brown’s world. #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 Deploying an untested metal to your production line based solely on a vendor’s word? Bad business. #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 Seriously, I don’t know who the hell is supposed to be least evil here…. #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 Zzzzzzzzzz ah JOHN GALT! Mrmmmrmm zzzzzzzz #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 They have a train to Winnipeg and to Edmonton and to Vancouver, but nothing to Toronto or Buffalo. #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 John Galt invents a free energy machine? So the reality runs deep here… #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 ‘Anti-dog-eat-dog bill’ that’s the best name they could come up with? #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 He likes banana and she likes chocolate and mother likes buttercream… COLLECTIVIST CAKE! #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 I guess with a name like Dagny, you’d ever smile or show emotion either. #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 Stainless steel rails? So SHINY! Like bling for industrialists #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 “It’s called the John Galt Line because I’m tired of hearing that name” – Dagny doesn’t understand concept #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 “I’d like to contract a bridge” “I’ll start rolling the steel right away” Forget about plans & engineering #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 The reason I watch films like this is because I can’t just badmouth films based on what I expect. #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 Untested train, untested long span bridge, 100s of miles of untested track on untested metal. Bad business. #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 Seriously, are there no Objectivist Scienticians that they could have brought onto this production? #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 Even the sex scenes are emotionless, dry, and unfulfilling for everyone involved. #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 They flattened wage structure, paid people based on NEED, not ABILITY? THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 Casimir effect particle accelerator vacuum magnetism energy trapping floober doober gimble bob #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo
    @xinit0 I’m assuming that “Atlantis” is really code for “Liberia” and in Part 2, there’s going to be cannibalism. #AtlasShruggedSoYouDontHaveTo


    2 Responses to Pulp Fiction, Atlas Shrugged Part 1 (541/318)

    1. 11/30/2011 at 1:27 pm

      A much better “Atlas Shrugged” movie will be playing this weekend, Saturday, Dec. 3. It’s the documentary “Ayn Rand & The Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged,” about so many of the fictional events from the book coming true. I haven’t yet seen the movie of your review but am looking forward to the doc!

    2. xinit
      12/3/2011 at 12:44 pm

      If you haven’t seen the film, how do you know this other film is better?

      “I’ve never tasted fresh orange juice, but this Sunny D is better!”

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