• The Bleeding House, The Rum Diary, Sucker Punch, Labyrinth (539/317)

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    THE BLEEDING HOUSE – Who could turn a pleasant Southern gentleman away in his hour of need? There’s minimal character back-story presented here – there’s a family with a background that stirs gossip in town. The daughter likes dead things, and Something Happened in the past, but other than that, we don’t really know or care what the full story is. The last 15 minutes of the film handles most of the fill-in for the characters. Maybe not the best script, but very well produced with great acting.

    RUM DIARY – Saw the trailer for BATTLESHIP again, and I had rationalized away all possibility that it was based on the board game – I thought it was a generic enough name, even if the font used was similar. Today I noticed the copyright and trademark notice… attributing the name to Hasbro. I do sort of wonder if the makers of REAL STEEL had tried to sell their film as ROCK ‘EM SOCK ‘EM ROBOTS to Mattel…

    I think this is the least over-acting I’ve seen from Johnny Depp in ten years. Thankfully, he played the role pretty straight – not a lot of wide-eyed looking into the camera this time around. Better than the farcical version of Thompson he gave us in FEAR AND LOATHING, and no obvious traces of Jack Sparrow either. It’s been a long time since I read the book, but this seems to mesh well with bits that I recall.

    SUCKER PUNCH – The description said something about “Close your eyes. Open your mind. You will be unprepared.” Hmm… Close your eyes? This is a MOVIE, so I’d definitely say you’d be unprepared.

    Lennox House For The Mentally Insane…. after a Eurythmics cover to open the film? I can only assume that was intentional. I was half hoping for a Doctor Stewart, to really round out the tribute.

    I think the film was fine – there’s nothing really deep here, and nothing to ‘get’ – it’s a semi-live action battle anime with a loose story thrown in to tie it together. It seems to tie together well – the effects blend nicely, and there’s no real valleys of uncanniness that I saw.

    A battle mech with a pink bunny painted on it would be WAY more terrifying on the battlefield than some boring eagle or shark. Imagine, a line of Nazis advancing on your position on the battefield, wearing big, fluffy, pink bunny ears. You thought Nazis alone were scary? Here’s hoping for bunny-ear-bedecked Nazis in a future film, and I think Zack Snyder may be the one to bring it to us.

    LABYRINTH – All the fantastic acting you’d expect from David Bowie and a teenaged Jennifer Connelly in a 1980s teenage fantasy film. The muppets are much better acted and have the best lines. I think Jim was best at directing rubber and felt based actors than humans. The worm, with his little scarf, the door knockers, and the knaves… all better actors than Jennifer and David if we’re to judge by this.


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