• Drive, Grindhouse (535/316)

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    DRIVE – I was pretty impressed with this film, especially that I liked ALL of the actors’ work. Gosling, Cranston, Perlman, and Brooks. Albert Brooks became scary at one point. I don’t think I’ve ever been afraid of Brooks in any role until now.

    I thought that this might have been more of a FAST AND FURIOUS film with chase after chase after chase. However, it’s a much slower build as the the driving is really only a character trait – it’s something that Driver does to get by, but it doesn’t define who he is. In the end, he sets the rules.

    GRINDHOUSE – Due to circumstances beyond my control, I wasn’t able to see this when it was originally in the theatres. That meant that I had to deal with the DVD releases of the separate films without the trailers and title cards and missing reels. The missing reel in PLANET TERROR helps speed the story along without getting too bogged down with story details.

    DEATH PROOF is a weird film, and it’s always felt like two separate films jammed together. I know why, but it feels odd. I like the second half a lot more, with the negotiation between characters Zoe and Kim as they discuss the plan to take the car for a drive being a favorite.


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