• In Time, The Thing (2011), Superman: Requiem (533/315)

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    I try not to spoil things most of the time, but there’s a couple here.

    IN TIME – In this world, everyone has a timer embedded in their arm that acts as a both am expiration timer for your body and as a form of currency. You live and die by the minutes; time really is money. A coffee costs 4 minutes, a six-pack an hour… I think the economy is a bit hit and miss in this script, as a prostitute attempts to solicit someone with the line “fifteen minutes for an hour” – I’m not sure which was which in that invitation, but compared to the six-pack price, neither seems right.

    An odd mix of BONNIE AND CLYDE and GATTACCA… Starting off with a bit of LOGAN’S RUN. You turn 25 and the timer kicks in – it starts counting down your last year of time… You can be 25 as long as you can manage to keep hours on your clock.

    The clocks, the lack of an obvious government, and a free market to allow people to achieve everything they deserve! It feels like a society designed over hundreds of years by followers of Ayn Rand. They have timers embedded in every human, but they can’t track you… seems like a bit of an oversight.

    THE THING (2011) – This did okay as far as paying homage to the 80s remake by John Carpenter. It sets things up nicely in a prequel style, and shows us more of the monsters in action thanks to CGI. I think Carpenter would have loved to have his monsters look this good. Torsos hanging off the monsters, free-running smaller creatures, etc. The Thing Things were a nice touch. Well done.

    It does seem a bit odd that a station in Antarctica has full, dark nights and full bright days… Twilight on one side or the other would seem to make more sense… but I don’t think science was consulted on this film.

    I think Sam’s last words should have been an unbelieving “I lost my earring again?”

    SUPERMAN: REQUIEM – 30 or 40 executive and associate and co producers credited off the start. I think there are more producers than actors. Though I’m not sure you could legally call all of these people actors… The two leads were okay, (a)Lex was passable, but the thugs and the bit players and the blonde playing Grant were really bad. Especially the blonde. I don’t think that any of the thugs’ accents sounded real; the American guy from Joisey or the others.

    As a fan film, you’d think it would be quicker and cheaper to use traditional effects rather than digital. A guy gets shot in the head an the bullet hole and blood are done digitally. Extremely poorly. Some makeup, food colour and corn syrup would have looked way better. Bright orange-red runs out in the background…. Digitally and poorly…

    Superman heals in the sunlight, and even the dried blood on his face vanishes. It’s AMAZING! I think this was another instance of digital effects at work.

    Also, for the writers; stop using “yourself” when mean “you” and “myself” when you mean “I” – those are not the formal versions of the words.


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