• Men in Black II

    by  • 11/2/2011 • film • 0 Comments

    MEN IN BLACK II – This is like a big commercial with a bunch of cute little jokes and cameos that just don’t matter all that much to the plot. The nice people of Locker C18 are great, but they’re really not important. The Worms are still there, but overall, they’re just another joke that goes nowhere. The creature and tech design continues to be great, but the story is second to the shininess

    The show starts off with Jeff the worm and J looking like he’s sitting in front of a green screen with some really bad looking effects during the subway chase. Jar Jar Binks level bad.

    There were enough jokes and interesting bits to keep my interest. It just wasn’t really all that cohesive; I think that everyone tried harder the first time around.


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